Christmas Pageant!

Our annual Christmas Pageant was held last night! Each year, we say “This was the best ever!” And it was! The little ones were amazing! Parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, and uncles were all here! Thank you to all the teachers for a lot of time and patience well spent!

Learning about Nature!

From a tiny caterpillar to a very hungry caterpillar and now a chrysalis. And now, we have a beautiful butterfly!

Pre-K moving on!

Community Preschool and Childcare celebrates the fact that the Pre-K children on moving on in life! These youngsters have spent time with us and are now ready to start Kindergarten in the fall! We can’t believe it!

Learning and growing

We are always learning and growing! We grow in size and in our knowledge about our surroundings! We learn the STEM. Just because we are little that doesn’t mean that all we do is play! Even when we are playing, we are always learning. Would you believe that we have even learned a little about American Sign Language? We can do anything!

Now enrolling for Summer and Fall!

Don’t forget! We are enrolling for Summer and Fall for Preschool and Childcare. You don’t want the classes to fill up without your child being enrolled!

The Summer Early Education and Care for 3-5 year olds begins on June 4.

                                                                                                     Extra enrichment is also available for a reasonable fee: Tumblebear Gymnastics will visit each Friday morning for 8 weeks and there will be swimming at the YMCA available. Swimming will be on 5-week sessions.






Story Time

Today was story time for the Pre-K class. They learned about giving and loving. They also watched Ramah McCabe knit a hat and Lynn Underwood read the story. Everyone was extremely intent. The ladies from Woodmar’s United Methodist Church love sharing their interests with the youngsters.