Mission and Vision

Enriching the mind and nurturing the spirit, one child at a time.

Mission Statement

Community Preschool and Childcare will provide a quality educational program and childcare in a Christian environment for children ages two through five years.


Community Preschool and Childcare adheres to a developmental approach in curriculum planning. The developmental approach is used to set up a stimulating environment that promotes learning on an individual basis, as well as establishing a group atmosphere that will facilitate the use of each child’s present and potential abilities. Opportunities are provided to expand knowledge through exploration, investigation, assimilation, and reflection.


  • To accept each child as unique.
  • To provide a safe, healthy and stimulating environment, which promotes curiosity and enthusiastic hands-on learning.
  • To encourage the development of self-esteem and confidence to try new activities.
  • To nurture trust with adults and children away from family.
  • To interact with parents to help each child develop socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  • To provide a balance of outside large motor play and indoor quiet play.
  • To summarize each child’s development through informal assessments.
  • To interact with parents and community helpers in planned activities.