FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions of our registered church daycare and preschool center:

“We don’t go to church, can my child still go to this preschool?”

  • All are welcome!
  • Community Preschool and Childcare celebrates the unique qualities of each child as a beloved child of God. We are committed to allowing each child explore, experience, and discover in a safe, engaging, and loving environment appropriate for their development and enrichment. 

“Will my child learn about the Christian faith?”

  • The best way to teach faith is to let others see and experience your faith. Children will experience a sense of being loved, of feeling hopeful, and resilient. To persevere with an inner strength that comes from knowing God, a great power, propels each of us toward a greater good of caring for God’s creations as well as one another.
  • Children sense a connection to God when we pray a simple thank you prayer before our snack.
  • Children sense a connection to God, who cares and loves all people by celebrating Christmas with the story of Jesus’s birth through a very special Christmas Pageant. 
  • Children will experience the wonder of creation and the hope that springs forth from new life as well as the cycle of life in God’s created world.
  • Children will experience the value and dignity of each person regardless of their ability or their racial, religious or socio-economic background. We strive to follow Christ’s example of meeting each child and parent where they are and building relationships that will guide and empower positive child development. All are welcome! We serve families from all communities of NWI and surrounding areas.